2 Weeks in Japan

This is officially my first post from my Iphone. Curse my artists thumbs! This is going to take forever to type. Anyways, greetings from Tokyo! I landed yesterday and am still adjusting to the time change. I woke up with the sun this morning at 4:45 am and an just killing a bit of time until the rest of my team wakes up. At least the hostel where I’m staying offers good people watching. The coffee is somewhat drinkable.
This is my first time going over solo; normally there’s someone coordinating and navigating for me so thank you to everyone who prayed for me to arrive safely. Everything went very smoothly. I was a bit nervous when the taxi driver kept asking me all sorts of questions in Japanese about the address I provided. But we made it! I had to chuckle when I mentioned I was from Dallas, Texas and the first thing he says is “Kennedy”. At least it wasn’t that ridiculous tv show.

These next 16 days are going to be crazy busy. There is so much going on and I get to be staff photographer for it all! Thankfully, I was clever and bought a really nice backpack for all my camera gear; still heavy but far more manageable. I will take more time to explain each event in subsequent posts but here’s the basic rundown.
> Meet up with the team from Juilliard who will be performing various concerts during our time here. We had dinner last night and I can already tell that we’re all going to get along swimmingly. They’re all so awesome and amazingly talented.

> We all head out to an area called Tohoku on the 2nd; this is an area the 2011 tsunami hit hard and the churches have been sending teams up there constantly. We’re going to be a part of an arts festival for several days. There will concerts, art, crafts, ministry, and tons of relationship building. I can’t wait.
> We’ll have a few small events when we get back to Tokyo but I will also be meeting with some of my Japanese friends as well as the missionaries and church planters. I’m pumped to talk about the vision they have for Japan.
> Arts conference in Tokyo hosted by Community Arts Tokyo. Lots of speakers and performances. Lots of relationship building.
Those are the main bullet points. Today I head to church at Grace City Tokyo in downtown. I’ve never been to worship there, but I hear wonderful things.
I appreciate all the prayers for my time here. Both for confirming my call to move here for two years and to foster the relationships I have here currently. Love you all!



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