Sunday at Grace City Church

The last few days have been so great, even with my wonky sleep schedule. For all who don’t know, the sun rises here around 4 am and the curtains in my hostel room are terrible. I’ve always been one to rise with the sun and I would definitely call myself a morning person, but this is getting ridiculous. My eyes water all day long.
Yesterday was a recovery day so not much went on except for a lovely 2 hour nap and an epic game of Bananagrams. I lost miserably, never getting that perfect balance of vowels and consonants. One round I only had a Y to go with my 12 other consonants. Yeesh.
However, Sunday was wonderful. Roger and Abbie Lowther, along with their 4 energetic boys, lead the Community Arts Tokyo team and we first met at their beautiful apartment to rehearse and prep food for an ever later that night. They also just shared story after story about the work that is going on in Japan. God’s providence is breathtaking.
We went to Grace City Church in downtown Tokyo lead by Pastor Fukuda. The Juilliard team joined the praise team which also drew in some new visitors, both Japanese and foreign. The pictures mask how small this room is and how expensive it is: $2,000 for 4 hours! It’s even painful to type it. But the worship was wonderful. I get teary-eyed every time I hear the Bible preached in another language.
That evening, Community Arts Tokyo hosted an Artist Party where all kinds of musicians, film makers, and other artists took to the mic. There was amazing jazz, classical pieces, funky free-form stuff. My friend, Doori, performed selections from Carmen on his violin and it was AWESOME! I loved it! Such a great atmosphere and everyone had a great time.
Today, we head up north to the huge art festival going on in Tohoku, an area hit hard by the tsunami in 2011. I will also get to connect with my friends that I’ve met on my prior trips to Japan. Pray for travel mercies as it is a 6 hour drive and the vans here are not engineered for leggy blondes 🙂





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