Support Raising

Support raising has been going really well. Amazingly well. I’ve had some trips to Denver and the Houston area and they were great.  I have family in both places so it was also encouraging to see aunts, uncles, cousins, and sisters as well as old friends from college and new friends from Christ Church in Katy, TX.

I’ve checked the numbers and I’m currently at 57.5% of my monthly needs. Woohoo! God has provided abundantly and while support raising along with working is completely crazy schedule-wise, I feel so blessed by the relationships I’ve built thus far.


Hiking with my Aunt and Uncle in Denver, CO!

It was a sweet time with my family in Denver. They even took me to see some of the beautiful state parks. I love hiking. It was one of my all-time favorite pass times. I’m not really a hard core backpacker by any means. I just love wandering and getting somewhat lost outside. Plus, it allows for real conversations with people. My aunts and uncles are so great to talk with over coffee, slurpy peaches, and mountain hiking.

I also spent the night with some ex-missionaries that go to Christ Church in Katy, TX this weekend. Ed and Donna were all over Africa working with The Rafiki Foundation that build orphanages to children left without family due to AIDS. I spent most of my time simply listening to their stories and feeling like a wuss since I’m off to Tokyo to live in a high rise for the next two years in one of the safest countries I can think of. Donna rode 2.5 hours through the bumpy backwoods of Africa to the nearest doctor with a severely broken leg. They finally left Africa because they got caught in a fire fight and barely made it out of the country. They had to deal with extreme poverty, starvation, political unrest, and constant danger on a daily basis. I’m the biggest wimp.

But it’s been so encouraging. Everyone I’ve met with, new and familiar faces, has been wonderfully uplifting.

Here’s to the second half of the support raising adventure. Cheers!


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