I’ve been incredibly blessed to travel so much this year. All the different cultures and people I’ve encountered have changed me for the better. Spending hours and hours in airports, train stations, bus terminals, and cars has taught me the lesson of patience, especially when I was delayed at my gate in Chicago for 5 hours due to inclement weather. I’ve blown up my instagram profile with photos of Europe, New Zealand, Japan, and various parts of the USA. It’s been a great year!

But recently I’ve learned the more of downside to traveling, to having no roots. The night before my last day in Europe, I came down with something; food poisoning or the flu, who knows what. I was ridiculously, curled up in the fetal position, stumbling to the bathroom, sick. By the time my flight home came up, I’d not eaten or slept in 2 days and I was facing 16+ hours of travel.

I’ve always been fairly strong. Years of sports and good eating habits allow me to go hard all day if required. So to feel as utterly weak as I did was a new experience and I had absolutely no one to help me. I had a nice flight attendant who brought me tea and allowed me to move to an aisle of the plan that was unoccupied. It helped but not much. I was trudging to border control, barely able to comprehend the questions being asked me. By the time I arrived at the baggage claim, only to NOT find my bag, I felt completely defeated and blinked back tears as I filled out my claim form. The woman helping me barely commented when I put my head on the counter and fought the urge to sit down on the floor.

And I’ve been struggling to get better since I arrived at my parents’ home on the 13th. My mom and I decided to visit my uncle up in Minnesota for a few days. He’s the best chiropractor in the world, and I know I’m completely biased. He mostly chastised my boots that I ruined on all the cobblestone streets. I got worse before I got better and then a blizzard hit Minnesota, closing all the roads leading out of town. Our two day trip suddenly turned into a four day trip with me mostly lying on our hotel bed, reading the entire Divergent series while cocooned in all the hotel blankets they’d give me.

Eating is still touch and go and I still run out of energy when I walk up the stairs too many times, but I’m finally on the mend and over my jet lag. Thanks for prayers and patience with my radio silence since arriving back in the States. Sick Tricia isn’t fun to talk to anyways.


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