About Me

I’m not sure how to describe myself. I feel my true colors reveal themselves over time in the many situations I find myself navigating. But here are a few soundbites.

  • Taylor Swift looks like ME. I had this face and figure first for nearly 3 years before she ever cried teardrops on her guitar. I am the original.
  • I’m a chameleon when it comes to fulfilling all the roles in my life. All in all, I’m rather oxymoronic. I love contrast and unexpected justapositions.
  • When I find myself with time to people watch, like in the airport or watching my students walk to school, I like to imagine them dancing or wearing speak-easy flappers and zoot suits. Preferably both. Thus, I am never bored or absorbed in my phone.
  • A stranger is one of the few mysteries left in the world. It’s so exciting to meet people and hear their stories.
  • Laughing is my favorite. Making others laugh is my second favorite.
  • Truly beautiful things make me cry.

“Beauty will save the world” ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky

And when I really think about it, nothing is more beautiful than the sacrificial love of Christ.


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